Frequently asked questions by our students


How do I register?
Students should complete the registration form and send a registration fee of 200€.
A place cannot be reserved until we have received the 200€ registration fee.

What does the 900€ fee include?

  • A minimum of four private lessons with a selected teacher
  • Access as a listener to all teachers’ classes
  • Participation in the orchestra and chamber groups (prior selection by the faculty)
  • Accommodation from 9th to 21st August
  • Breakfast each day from 10th to 21st August
  • Lunch each day from10th to 21st August
  • Transportation and entrance fees to AIMS Festival concerts

What does the 900€ fee not include?
Dinner is not included. AIMS does not offer dinner because we usually have concerts and trips planned, these are good opportunities for the students to meet and get to know each other.

What is the cancellation policy?
AIMS will return 700€ in the case of cancellation due to illness, important personal reasons or in cases of force majeure.The 200€ registration fee will only be returned if your application to the Academy is not accepted.

Does the 200€ deposit apply toward the fee for the course, or it’s just for application?
A deposit of 200€ must be made at the time of application to reserve a place. This deposit will be included in the total fee of 900€.

Who pays for bank commission charges?
In some cases, banks will charge transmission fees to our account. AIMS must receive the full amount of 900€. Any bank commission charges, or transaction fees, are the responsibility of the sender.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, you may be added to a waiting list if a class you apply for is already full. At times we have cancellations. Students who are on waiting lists will be notified if a place becomes available.


Are there any age restrictions?
AIMS welcomes people of all ages. Minors will be provided with a supervisor to oversee their activities. In this case, parents or guardians must sign and return via email a consent authorization form which AIMS will provide.


How do you evaluate who is eligible for grants and financial aid?
AIMS 2017 offers support through two channels:

  • Grants from the Music Publishers Association of Catalonia (there are five scholarships of 450 € available). This aid will be determined through teacher evaluation of submitted videos.  No results will be available until July, after all videos have been evaluated.

Not being awarded with a Grant from the Music Publisher Association of Catalonia does not mean that financial aid through the Foundation is not possible. The Foundation’s goal is to offer as much aid as its resources allow.

  • Financial aid from the AIMS Foundation (total or partial scholarships)

Aid will be dependent upon:
–          Available resources from the Foundation
–          Teacher’s video evaluation results
–          Objective financial needs of each applicant, such as family’s economic situation, travel expenses, etc.

Do I need to send the 200€ if I applied for a grant/financial aid?
Those of you who applied for grant/financial aid don’t need to send 200 fee.


Is there a specific music or repertoire for the audition?
No. Students are free to choose their own repertoires.

When do I have to confirm my repertoire?
Before the 15th of July 2017. This will give our piano accompanist time to prepare your repertoires.

Are the instrumental lessons private?
At AIMS all instrumental lessons are on an individual “one to one” basis. In addition, any AIMS student is free to attend any teachers’ lesson as a listener.


Does AIMS provide any instruments?
AIMS can provide simple double basses and some cellos to those students whose travel makes it difficult for them to carry their instruments. Any requests for instruments must be made in advance via email.

AIMS does not provide any insurance coverage for instruments and will not be held responsible in the event of damage or theft. You need to check with your parents’ or homeowner’s insurance to make sure your instrument is fully covered.

How can I carry/move heavy instruments such as the bass?
Heavy instruments will be transported by car.


Do I have to play in the orchestra and chamber ensembles?
A string orchestra and several chamber ensembles will be formed. Participation in these formations is mandatory upon selection by the AIMS faculty.

AIMS will provide the scores for each component of the various formations. Students must prepare their parts “ready for concert” before reaching Solsona.

What about if I have not been assigned to any chamber ensembles?
There will be more chamber groups for all those who are not pre-assigned to a chamber ensemble. We will inform you once you get to Solsona.

If I don’t have any preference about chamber music, is there preselected music available?
AIMS will try to create as many chamber groups as possible, and propose pieces to be worked on prior to arrival in Solsona.

When is it possible to have chamber music scores available?
For all groups created prior to arrival in Solsona, AIMS will provide scores on line.

Do I have to bring scores and a music stand?
Students need to bring their own scores (and piano parts). String players should bring their own music stands to practice in their rooms. Students can bring any chamber music scores that they may wish to play. 


What is the concerto/competition? And I am eligible to perform?
The goal of the concerto/competition is to provide an opportunity for students to perform as soloists.The concerto/competition is open to all active violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano students.

All students of the 2017 AIMS Academy are eligible to participate in the concerto/competition. Participants must present an original work written for solo instrument and string orchestra. Double or triple concertos are admitted as well.

An audition will be held to determine the winner who will have the opportunity to perform a concerto accompanied by the AIMS 2017 Chamber Orchestra. AIMS faculty will act as jury for the competition.

In the concerto/competition can I apply with only one movement, or does the whole concerto have to be presented?
The entire piece needs to be prepared.

Which pieces do I have to present for the concerto/competition?
Only original works with string orchestra are admitted in the competition (pieces which include other instruments, such as winds, do not enter the competition).


What are the rooms in the Seminari like?
The rooms at the Seminari are basic and functional.
There are two single beds and a bathroom in each room.

Do we get bedding and towels provided at the Seminari?

Do I have to stay in the Seminari?
It is not mandatory, but we would prefer that you do so in order to be with the rest of the students.

Is there accommodation for accompanying parents?
Yes. Parents can either stay at the:

  • Hotel Sant Roc where the AIMS teachers stay. The cost is 47€ for a single room and 84€ for a double room per night (breakfast included).  Lunch at the hotel together with students and faculty is 9€.
  • The Seminari where the students stay. Though very functional, the Seminari doesn’t meet hotel standards. There are two single beds in each room and a bathroom.  The cost is 21€ per night (breakfast included).
  • In family accommodation. There are families in Solsona who would welcome you, free of charge, for a language exchange.

Can we rent a car in Solsona?
Yes, there is only one place in Solsona to rent a car (Citroen garage). Please contact AIMS if you require assistance in making a reservation.


What are the practice hours?
-Seminary: from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00
-Music school and Kindergarten: from 8:30 to 21:00

From 11:00pm until 9:00am, you have to keep very quiet in the Seminary. We are sharing the space with other people who are not from AIMS, so we must make sure that we get along properly.


Where do students eat lunch?
All students and teachers eat lunch at the Hotel Sant Roc.
Parents who would like to join their children for lunch must pay 9€ per meal.

Can I have lunch anywhere?
The 900€ fee includes breakfast and lunch at the Hotel Sant Roc.

Lunch is a good opportunity to meet with students from around the world and for the AIMS organizers to discuss daily activities, timetables, logistics, etc.  However, students are free to take lunch elsewhere at their own expense if they wish.


Are there laundry facilities?
There are some launderettes in Solsona.

How safe is Solsona?
Solsona is a small town and very safe. All activities and locations can be easily reached on foot.

What is the weather like in Solsona?
The temperature in Solsona tends to be high in August reaching 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Bring your summer clothes but also some warmer clothing because temperatures may go down in the evenings or after storms. If you like to swim: bring your swimming suit!


What is the concert attire for the performances?
Women: Black trousers/dress/skirt and blouse
Man: Black trousers, shirt and shoes 

✓Minor authorization form if you have not send it to us already.
✓ Medical insurance card.AIMS has liability insurance which covers all participants; however, all students must have medical insurance to cover any illness or accident.
✓ Small fan for your room (optional).


How can I reach Solsona?
Solsona is accessed by road.  It is only one and a half hours away from Barcelona by car, and a little over two hours by bus.  It is just over 100 km from Barcelona.

There are two options to get to Solsona:

a) Taxi direct from the airport
b) Bus from the Bus terminal Estació del Nord

If you decide to take a taxi straight to Solsona, this will cost around 140€ which you will need to pay directly to the driver. If you wish, we will be glad to send a taxi from Solsona to pick you up at the airport.

How to get from Barcelona’s airport to the Bus terminal Estació del Nord
Airport El Prat –> Barcelona Estaciódel Nord –>Solsona

a) Taxi
b) Aerobus + Subway
c) Bus 46 + Subway
d) Renfe train + Subway
e) Subway L9

a) Taxi :A taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get into Barcelona city centre from the airport. It takes about 20-25 minutes. The price ranges from 25€ to 30€ (depending on traffic). Inside the station buy your ticket to Solsona at the ALSA Alsina Graellsticket office.

b) Aerobus: There is an airport shuttle bus Aerobus that goes from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona city center. You should get off the bus at the Plaça Catalunya stop (which is where the service ends). From there take the Metro (subway) line 1 (L1) to Arc de Triomf.

Get off at Arc de Triomf. Depending on the exit you take out, you will have to walk one block to the right (with the Arc de Triomf at your back) to see the bus station (Estació Nord). Inside the station buy your ticket to Solsona at the ALSA Alsina Graells ticket office.

c) Bus 46: Upon arrival follow the bus symbol and connection signs and go one floor down to the “Metropolitans” bus stop.

Take the public bus No. 46 to Plaza España. The single ticket price is 2€ which you can buy on the bus. This bus leaves every 20 minutes and Plaza España is the last stop. For those of you who arrive at Terminal 2 (T2), take the No.46 bus. The No.46 bus stops in front of T2.

At Plaza España you have to take the Metro (subway) line 1 (L1) to Arc de Triomf. Get off at Arc de Triomf. Depending on the exit you take out, you will have to walk one block to the right (with the Arc de Triomf at your back) to see the bus station (Estació Nord). Inside the station buy your ticket to Solsona at the ALSA Alsina Graells ticket office.

d) Renfe train:The airport is also served by the Rodalies commuter train. The line is R2 Nord and it is operated by Renfe.

The train station is located near T2 opposite T2B and is connected to the terminal by an overhead walkway (entrance at the beginning of T2B, just before T2A, on the 1st floor). From T1 you’ll need to take the free shuttle bus that connects the 2 terminals, it’s a 10 minute ride.

For the city center it is recommended that you get off at the Passeig de Gràcia station. From there, head to Plaça Catalunya to take the Metro (subway) line 1 (L1) to Arc de Triomf.

Get off at Arc de Triomf. Depending on the exit you take out, you will have to walk one block to the right (with the Arc de Triomf at your back) to see the bus station (Estació Nord). Inside the station buy your ticket to Solsona at the ALSA Alsina Graells ticket office.

e) Subway: Take the L9 Sud (orange line) to Torrasa stop and from there take the Metro (subway) line 1 (L1) to Arc de Triomf.

Get off at Arc de Triomf. Depending on the exit you take out, you will have to walk one block to the right (with the Arc de Triomf at your back) to see the bus station (Estació Nord). Inside the station buy your ticket to Solsona at the ALSA Alsina Graells ticket office.

AIMS does not provide a shuttle service for students or their families.

When can I arrive in Solsona?
If you arrive a few days before or stay for a few days after the Academy, you must pay for your additional nights.  The price for the room/breakfast is about 25€ a day. AIMS needs to be informed about early arrivals and/or late departures. If you arrive on the day the Academy begins, please try to arrive before 5pm (17.00)

Where do I have to go upon arrival?
For those of you arriving by car or private transportation, you must go to the Seminari.

Those arriving with the bus from Barcelona will be picked up by the AIMS team at Solsona’s bus stop on August 9th and 10th to be taken to the Seminari.

When can I depart from Solsona?
The closing concert will be held on the evening of the 20th, and the course will end on the morning of the 21st. Most students will depart the Academy on Monday, August 21st in the afternoon/evening.

What if I am unable to stay for the duration of the Festival?
We prefer that you stay for the entire festival but there can be some exceptions with the prior agreement of the AIMS director.


Do we receive a Certificate of Participation?
Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation from AIMS.


Do I need private insurance?
AIMS has liability insurance which covers all participants; however, all students must have medical insurance to cover any illness or accident.

Is it mandatory to bring my private insurance card and vaccination record card?
Though not mandatory, we suggest you to do so. In case you need to go to a doctor, the more information provided the better.