GEMC sponsors AIMS Foundation grants for the International Music Academy of Solsona (AIMS).

The AIMS Festival jury awarded the following grants sponsored by GEMC to:
Charlotte Salutste-Bridpoux (UK) – violin
Seat Byeol Choi (Korea) – violin
Connie Pharoah (UK)  – viola
Shira Pinkerfeld (Israel) – cello
Rebecca Karu (United States) – French Horn

Winners will perform the submitted work in, at least, one of the concerts in the AIMS Festival, which will take place from July 31st to the 20th of August.

During the AIMS Festival, sheet music by GEMC publishers will on display at the AIMS office, available to everyone interested. An exhibition will be held at the hall of the Teatre Comarcal de Solona, on the 13th of August. AIMS’s collaboration with GEMC aims to make Catalan music known to professors and students taking part in the AIMS Academy and to the AIMS Festival audience.