Friends of AIMS US – Cultural Tour Activity

Friends of AIMS US is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that promotes and supports the same goals and charter of the AIMS Foundation in Spain.  We believe music connects people across all boundaries, including age, race, religion, and geographical separations.  Even though there are many ways to appreciate the connection between people, often times it enhances our experience when we are physically present where the music is.

AIMS Cultural Tour is designed and offered to a small number of supporters who wish to attend the AIMS Music Festival first hand.  Solsona is a wonderful historical town just north of Barcelona, Spain.  You will get to appreciate the amazing backdrop to where the students and teachers can immerse themselves into making great music and offer to the surrounding towns which are also rich in history and culture.  The region is also famous for its beautiful mountains and lakes, and quint small towns filled with surprises and friendly people.

All accommodations, including lodging, meals, local transportation, touring, and of course the music festival concerts are provided free of charge to key donors of Friends of AIMS US.  In the past, we have stayed at a Hotel Sant Roc, dined at many of the top restaurants in and around town, motor coached around for cultural tours and music festivals with a private guide, even invited to a meal by a local family, and took a special walking tour of town hosted by the mayor himself.  In a few occasions, we were able to design the tour to accommodate individual preferences and special activity requests.

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With Mr. David Rodríguez – major of the city of Solsona

At the Llosa de Cavall water reservoir