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San Diego, CA 92131 USA

The AIMS 2017 scholars

Front: Júlia Conangla (Catalonia), Olga Kaminsky (USA), Asya Anisimova (Armenia), Dimitra Sioras (Catalonia),Lazar Kaminsky (USA), Quim Gorgot (Catalonia), Othoa Tabata (Japan)

Back: Ekaterina Manafova (Russia), Guillem Nasarre (Catalonia), Leonid Plashinov-Johnson (Russia), Peter Thiemann (President AIMS), Carla Conangla (Catalonia), Robrecht de Roeck (Catalonia), Ben Johnson (England), Samuel Staples (England).

Picture: Dr. Chong Lee and members of  Friends of AIMS USA

Friends of AIMS US Incorporated is a non-profit organization in the United States of America.  We support and extend the mission and goals of the AIMS Foundation, implementing and augmenting its various programs.  We also provide fundraising in the US, much of which will help support the activities of the AIMS Foundation.

We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt entity.  Some of the Friends of AIMS US activities are to:

  • Raise public awareness of the value and impact of classical music to families, people, and society in general.  Classical music transcends age group, religion, nationality, even time.  We believe it provides common appreciation and experience among people, which could lead to a better society.
  • Extend the performances and musical experiences of AIMS by making it available on-line, and in special cases, host live performances by AIMS teachers and students in the US.
  • Identify talented young musicians and provide information and financial aid to enable them to be able to participate in the AIMS programs.
  • Run various Music and Technology projects that will help music teachers and students, as well as accomplished musicians.
  • Provide grants to other organizations in the US and elsewhere, which will enable them to pursue projects that benefit the mission of the AIMS Foundation in general.
  • Initiate various fund raising efforts in the US to support the many activities, projects, and grants the Friends of AIMS US and the AIMS Foundation will undertake.

Philanthropic donation will be the main source of income for Friends of AIMS US to operate.  We will strive to keep the donors abreast of all AIMS activities, as well as getting to know the students and teachers who make AIMS a special place to embrace classical music.  In certain circumstances, we will invite the donors to experience AIMS music first hand, by arranging group travel to the AIMS Music Festival in Solsona.