AIMS Festival

Dear friends,

I am thrilled that AIMS is happening this year!

We are expecting about 60 outstanding students from the Schengen area, and we are preparing about 32 concerts at your favorite locations in Solsona, the Solsonès and around other six counties of Central Catalonia.

We truly appreciate the support by the city of Solsona, all other administrations, municipalities and people involved in making this possible and helping to ensure the safety of our concerts in current times.

We would be very happy to welcome you to our concerts and I encourage you to attend! Our webpage will be constantly updated – find out about this year’s program, safety measures and how to get tickets!

You know it all: AIMS is this unique community of professional musicians, outstanding students from all over the world, a year by year increasing audience which enjoys music at its best in the most beautiful venues of our beloved Solsona region.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

Peter Thiemann
President AIMS Foundation


The AIMS Festival is the only pedagogical music festival in the country. It was designed to address a pedagogical need of the project – that of interpretation. The festival is therefore a great opportunity for young people from around the world to offer their talent to the public, and for the public to get know those young musicians who will certainly become great musicians in the coming years.

The AIMS Festival is also an opportunity to hear soloists from all the major European orchestras, and professors from some of the top music colleges worldwide, perform.

The Festival comprises of over 40 performances on various stages throughout Solsonès, Lleida, Cardona, Organyà, Moià and other parts of central Catalonia, further concerts of classical format take place in concert halls, churches and theaters, concerts of AIMS Street, and AIMS Social concerts are performed in hospitals, elderly centers, residences, associations and private homes.

The high standard of the students, the intensity of work done during the Academy and the exceptional quality of teachers result in a unique festival, intimate and of high quality.